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 I was unaware that my fire doors did not meet legal standards. putting my residents lives at risk. A Cavanagh Consulting fire door inspection helped me to rectify the situation 

– David S, Residential complex owner

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Fire Door Inspection Service

A fire door Inspection will quickly establish if you and your premises are fully compliant with current fire safety legislation.

Our qualified and experienced fire door inspectors will identify any issues with your building’s fire door safety system and make recommendations for you to put into action. We will prepare a fully comprehensive ‘Fire Door Log’ which will list all the doors, their location and identification details in addition to recording any faults, which will be categorised depending on severity and effect on the integrity of the door, allowing targeted application of resource to rectify issues. Once completed the action taken can be recorded in the log including the date of completion and the ID of the person ‘signing off’ the remedial action. This log can then form part of the ‘Fire Safety Manual’ for the building and assist you in becoming fully fire safety complaint, meeting the standards required by law.

Whilst site we will of course have a professional respectful presence. We aim to be as unobtrusive as possible, working out of hours where permitted to limit the disturbance we cause.

We look forward to working with you and demonstrating the levels of service we aspire to always provide.

Do I Need This Service?

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies to all buildings other than domestic housing, but includes common areas of apartment dwellings and flats, and replaces 118 pieces of previous fire legislation, including the old fire certificates which are no longer valid.
As a designated “responsible person” You are legally responsible for the safety of everybody in your building. This includes taking action to prevent fire and the spread of smoke. With regard to a fire door inspection the requirement is that they are inspected by a Competent Person and intervals not exceeding 6 months, and any remedial actions identified actioned as soon as practicably possible. Don’t take risks. Make sure you are fully compliant by booking fire door inspection today.
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