10 things you should know about Fire Safety in high rise buildings.


What is the RRO?

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Legislation that places the responsibility on individuals within organisations to identify, manage and reduce the risk of fire.


Does my flat / apartment door close completely – every time?

Any door, even the most poorly maintained, will give more protection when closed


Do the communal doors (landings and stairwells) close fully?

Communal doors, particularly those separating the stairwells provide crucial smoke protection to other areas of a building not directly affected by a fire. Smoke kills before fire.


Are ‘riser’ doors securely locked?

These doors can allow access to vital fire-fighting equipment. If the door is unlocked or ajar then that equipment may have been damaged.


I’ve noticed damage to fire doors. What do I do?

Inform your landlord immediately.


Do I know my way out of the building?

Perhaps obvious, but ‘think’ about it in a panic scenario when children may be half asleep.


Are fire escape routes clearly identified and well lit?

In an escape scenario emergency lighting should show the way out of the building.


Is the fire alarm panel in my building showing ‘no faults’?

It can take an expert to fully understand a modern fire alarm panel – but ‘faults’ would normally be obvious even to the untrained eye. (flashing symbols / audible alarms).


Is maintenance appropriate in my building?

Any fire protecting device – smoke detector, heat detector, fire alarm, even fire doors need to be inspected and maintained. If you haven’t been contacted by your landlord in the last 6 months to arrange specific access to your flat or apartment then the chances are that the Fire Safety Order is not being complied with.


I have concerns that my Landlord / Building Manager cannot answer. What do I do?

Contact your local ‘Enforcing Authority’, usually the local Fire Brigade. They have the necessary powers to force any ‘Responsible Person’ to make any improvements.

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