Fire Door Regulations

The UK fire door regulations are extensive and somewhat complex. Normally an architect or other professional would usually specify all aspects of the construction details of any new building, or extension / alteration to an existing building and such persons will have a thorough working knowledge of all relevant legislation which they generally keep up to date through regular CPD events or training.

New buildings of course are covered by Building Regulations and this includes alterations and extensions to existing buildings but also any buildings that have a ‘change of use’.

Approved Documents’ (or their equivalent) give the relevant guidance for all aspects of building such as Access / Mobility, Sound Insulation, Thermal Efficiency – and of course Fire Safety.

As well as meeting Building Regulations requirements fire doors may also have to comply with other codes and standards – and even provide added security where the development is a ‘Secured by Design’ project. Again though the architect or specifier will be aware of these requirements and specify accordingly.

Existing buildings, excluding domestic properties, are covered by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, commonly known as the ‘RRO’ and of course new buildings, once completed and ‘handed over’ come under its governance.

Another important aspect which should be considered is ‘Regulation 38’, a requirement under Building Regulations for England & Wales to ensure that a comprehensive package of all safety information relevant to the building (or extension), including all matters relating to fire safety is provided and given to the ‘Responsible Person’ or perhaps building owner upon completion of the building. This of course would usually be handled by an agent such as the clients architect or project manager and then be passed on to the RP.

Approved Documents

England and Wales

Scottish Building Standards

N.I Technical Booklets

Regulation 38


The E.U.

We are of course likely to be leaving the E.U. at some point in the future and this will have an impact on some of the materials currently used and the standards that relate to them.

Currently, fire doors used in the UK can be tested to BS 476 pt 20/22 or the ‘European Norm’ BS EN 1634-1.  Obviously if we are to leave the E.U. it is possible that the requirements relating to the use of ‘EU approved’ products will change, though this is obviously some time away.

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